A Glimpse Of The IPod Shuffle 4th Generation ...

The iPod Shuffle is a digital audio player which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the smallest model in Apple’s iPod family and was the first to use flash memory. In the 1st of September in 2010, the fourth generation was launched.

With a big difference from the previous model, the latest one re-offers the huge clickable center from the first two versions. It takes control of the track and volume for the device. As can be observed it is almost 20% larger that the 2nd generation, thus, taking up most of the façade. Measuring only 1.1 x 1.24 x 0.34 inches, this audio player is perfectly handy, not to mention weighing only 0.44 ounces. Packing all your favorite songs without all the unnecessary weight.

iPod shuffle also boasts of its new VoiceOver devoted physical button. It announces the title and name of songs, and handles your playlists. Just like the previous generations, it supports MP3, MP3 VBR, WAV, AIFF, AAC, Protected AAC, Apple Lossless, and Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4). That means your music, in whatever format, can be packed in this minute iPod! Music on the go….not to mention its 15 hours of battery life…that’s 15 hours of your favorite songs.

When it comes to the way you want your playlists to be played, you stay in control with just a few flips on your shuffle. Flip to the left to shuffle, otherwise in the middle to play in order. Or if you want to turn off the shuffle mode, flip it to the right. It’s that easy! All within your fingertips.

iPod shuffle is being marketed in five lustrous colors. The silver one comes with black control pad, while the green, blue, orange and pink all have white control pads. In contrast to the 2nd generation, it doesn’t come with a dock. However, just like the 3rd one, it comes with a 45mm USB cable. The headphones that come in the box do not feature the remote control but is supported by the device. It currently holds a capacity of 2GB and is announced to be $49.

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