PlayStation Portable (PSP) Popular Action Games.

Hand-held portable devices are day by day gaining viral popularity because of fast running lifestyle of people, where they hardly get time to sit at home and enjoy their favorite games. It is not only popular among people who don’t have much time but also for gaming freaks who don’t want to miss daiy entertainment wherever they go. From all genre action games are most popular that’s why we are mentioning few popular one for PSP console.

300: March to Glory

True Spartans only religion is to die for blood, glory to die in battlefield until death or to win the battle. Massive action game generates adrenaline rush in your blood to fight against Persian army to defeat them in hell battle full with strong action. King Leonidas who is the leader of Spartans leads his soldiers against vicious King Xerxes who wants enslave the people of Greece. Somehow doing justice with movie and novel game is extremely violent, interesting but lacks badly in controls.

Aliens vs. Predator Requiem

Years ago Predator or Aliens movie given not so good result on big screen but it’s still interesting to see club of both action science fiction favorites in transformation of game. Game focus is more on predators rather than humans, where predator tries to hide their existence from humans. Those who have seen both movies can found the gameplay is little weak and also game is quite easy to play. This multiplayer has better graphics, gampplay and sound with well represented predator warrior.

Bounty Hounds

Bounty Hounds is third person shooter role playing game developed XPEC for PlayStation portable. Game raises your excitement to prove yourself as a bounty hunter while traveling through whole solar system. On this dangerous mission you can speak to anyone coming across your path for moving intelligently in the game. The game offers more than 500 weapons and armors along with spectacular visuals to present story effectively.

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is first person action shooter game and has three different campaigns to play with variety of fun level. Roads of victory never let you down in terms of graphics even though it’s a PSP game but will give you console like war footage. Unlike other PSP games sound effects are tremendously good with brilliant voice act. In the game few levels are quite easy and some are highly difficult, so overall the game has medium difficulty level for players. With the help of Ad hoc you can hook up with other gamers for multiplayer game fun.

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