The Pros and Cons of Three Different 3D Display Methods,,,

The majority of the current crop of 3D LCD TVs show 3D images by displaying two slightly different pictures on screen one after the other. Active shutter glasses block the view of the eye that is not supposed to see the image by darkening the lens over that eye. As each eye sees the world from a slightly different perspective this effectively fools the brain into thinking that it is seeing an image with some depth.

The inherent problem with this technology is that first off you need expensive glasses and second you need a TV with a high refresh or scan rate. The TV you bought 4 or 5 years ago probably won't be 3D capable so you will have to fork out some serious cash for a new one. Now that you have the TV you then need to invest in some glasses. Most TV brands have their own specific models of active shutter glasses. Unfortunately most families have at least 3 members. With my family I need to buy 6 pairs. Basically I'm investing almost the same amount of money spent on the TV on the shutter glasses just so we can all watch movies at the same time.

Technology never stays still and new products and methods are always being developed. Some newer model TVs may be able to solve the problems associated with expensive glasses. New projectors and TVs are now available, albeit at a rather large cost, that use the same technique currently used in the movie theaters. The two pictures are projected onto the screen with polarized light. Each lens on the polarized glasses will only let one image through while blocking the other. As a result each eye sees a separate and slightly different picture than the other. Again, the brain is fooled into seeing a 3D image but the refresh and scan rate argument is effectively made mute as both images are displayed on screen at the same time.

For mostly solo viewing you can purchase LCD screens for 3D viewing without glasses. Through clever and secret use of technology the LCD screen is capable of displaying the two different images in such a way that each eye only sees its correspondingly correct image and all without glasses. A major disadvantage of this technology is that it is not suitable for a widely dispersed audience. The reason for this is that there is a sweet spot which the viewer has to be in in order to get the two images correctly aligned. If the viewer is outside of this sweet spot then they will not get the 3D effect.

So what are some of the reasons you would pick aluminum outdoor furniture out of other types of material? There a quite a few advantages to Aluminum as a material for furniture. First of all it's very malleable, making it easier to cast or extrude. Other reasons are that it is non-toxic, doesn't rust, create sparks and is non-magnetic making it suitable for a wide variety of environments.

You would be hard pressed to find a material that is just about maintenance free. With a tiny bit of maintenance you can keep your aluminum patio furniture looking new. A quick spray of the hose is just about all it will need, and forget about having to re-stain it every couple of years, unless you like that sort of thing.

If your aluminum patio does happen to get dirty you can get it sparkling again with a mild soap and water mixture and a soft bristled brush. Giving it a wipe with a good quality automotive polish will even bring back its original shine. Dealing with a spill straight away is the best way to avoid any staining.

Aluminum patio furniture is manufactured with one of two methods, the cast or frame. In casting, liquefied aluminum is poured into a mold of the desired shape. This method creates nice designs similar to wrought iron pieces without the fear of rust. It looks good but just not as detailed as the more expensive pieces of cast iron furniture as it can lack the detail of these pieces.

Aluminum patio furniture manufactured with the frame method consists of an aluminum frame on which a sturdy mesh is applied. The frames can be either hollow or solid. You don't get the intricate designs with framed aluminum but with proper care it will last you just about forever.

Cast aluminum has been gaining in popularity in recent years due to it's light weight, easy care and of course its cheaper price. Despite all of these advantages it still manages to look stylish and sophisticated.

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