Tips for a stronger Mafia Wars character........

If you want to advance quickly in the game known as Mafia Wars, you should apply your ability points following the advice bellow. You should know how to utilize the skill points for they are not many. Different from the game's items and loot, they are difficult to gain and they need perfect allocation. Users with better allocated stats will level up faster than other users. Players should pursue the right equilibrium between defense, attack, health, energy, and stamina. A fact that should be noted is that, having the previously discussed equilibrium will not give you the best characters. You would be wise to focus only on one status to get to your goals. In fact, the organization of skill points is dependent on your tactical plan. Some of the strategies that you might favor are listed bellow:

Get some cash and use it to power yourself up.

Finish many levels in reduced time to put your hands on the most powerful Mafia Wars items before your enemies can even think of buying them.

Participate in wars and allow yourself in heists to gain reputation within Mafia Wars.

If your Mafia's looking for cash, then you got to focus on using the ability points on energy. With extra energy, your character will be in a better position to do more jobs. This will bring you a lot of money to purchase Mafia Wars items and properties. Fighting won’t bring you a lot of money so try not to waste your ability points on attack, defense and stamina.

If you want to go through levels faster and want to encounter the game’s items before others do, then once more, you should apply ability points on energy. This will assist you to complete many levels in lesser time.

If you want to become a Fighter-class and want to be strong at wars, then you got to consider spending your ability points on stamina, attack, and defense. You got to also focus on improving your health. Try to evolve either attack or defense and encounter the Mafia Wars loot items to improve the remaining stats. This will give your Mafia a improved overall strength.

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