UMC M19/24A Review: 19 Inch LCD/DVD Combi Television With iPod Dock....

Any living room or family room greatly benefit from having a complete set of entertainment system. This would usually mean an LCD TV, preferably higher than a 32 inch screen display, a video source such as a DVD player or the more upscale Blu-ray player, a home theatre sound system, and maybe add an audio system, or a gaming console or two. But wouldn’t it be nice if a scaled down home entertainment system is also available for your room, or maybe even the kitchen?

One product that should be greatly considered for this type of system is the UMC M19/24A. Design wise, the M19/24A is a stunner and a pleasant surprise. With all the features it provides, designing a product like this to look good can be very difficult; fortunately, the engineers at UMC have successfully incorporated in their style and design. The television measures 475 x 435 x 215mm W x H x D with the stand included. Blanketing its study and solidly built frame is a glossy black finish that looks very smooth and sleek. The frame bezel of the M19/24A is simplistic and it gets points for that. Moving downward to the base is the dock integrated to the stand. The DVD player is tucked away nicely hidden behind the screen at the left side of the unit.

Digesting the UMC M19/24A would mean starting off with its LCD screen display. I mentioned, it has a seemingly small 19 inch LCD screen, but amazingly displays stunning picture images that are vivid and has brilliant colours. It is already HD Ready with a native 720p and 1440x900 resolution, more than enough for a screen size this small. The M19/24A also has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a 300cd/m2 brightness level. And with those imaging qualities, the UMC M19/24A is also a good option for a PC monitor and for playing video games. Because it is HD Ready, it is more than capable of producing the rich graphics both video sources provides.

The UMC M19/24A is able to take on the external peripherals thanks to a number of connectivity sockets which are found on its back panel, including an HDMI port , a Scart input, composite input, PC input, 3.5 mm audio input and output, and a CI slot. So this means you can connect a number of electronic gadgets and just switch the display to use them using its user friendly onscreen menu interface.

Next in line is the integrated DVD player which is able to support a variety of disc formats that includes DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, HDCD, MP3, Jpeg images, CD-R/RW, and DVD-R/RW. It is even able to decode MPEG2.

And finally, and certainly one of its biggest and most unique feature is its iPod dock. Aside from being able to charge the batteries, it is also able to play your favourite tunes via the two 3 watt stereo speakers already built in with the unit. The UMC M19/24A is compatible with a variety of iPod models including the first and second gen iPod Touch, iPod Classic, first to fourth gen Nano, iPod video, iPod colour, iPod 4g, and iPod mini 2g. The menu of your iPod can also be displayed on the screen and you can even play a video stored in your iPod or a slideshow of your photos.

Truly, the UMC M19/24A is a mini entertainment package that provides a lot without costing too much.

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