Google Caffeine - the Need for Speed AND Great Content

Imagine a pile of paper that grows three miles taller every second. That's how quickly Google indexes data.

Imagine 625,000 160GB iPods - that's 100 million GB in total - that stacked end-to-end would go on for 40 miles. That's how much Google need to index.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of gigabytes added to the 625,000 iPods each and every day. No I can't either. Suffice to say we're talking big numbers and vast amounts of data.

Put simply - the web is massive. And it's getting massiver rapidly. According to Andrew Barke of Google, speaking at SAScon Manchester 2010 the web grows by 10-20% every time Google crawls it. Clearly, for the sake of search integrity and in order to achieve relevant search returns it is vital that Google manage the indexing of all those billions of web pages efficiently.

Enter Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine is the first major change to the way that Google index the web since their Fritz update in 2003 when Google switched to an index updated incrementally every day instead of monthly.

Whereas pre-Caffeine the index was layered with some layers refreshed faster than others, Caffeine now interrogates small portions of the web on a rolling basis sending it live as soon as it's indexed. Global, continuous and fast, Google say that Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than their previous index. Matt Cutts of Google equates the Caffeine indexing system as a limo waiting to pick you up from the airport as opposed to previously when you had to take the bus.

So what are the implications of Google Caffeine for your business?

How can you make the most of the Google index update?

The important thing to remember is that Caffeine is ALL about speed. And anything you can do to embrace this concept will help your site prosper. We're talking fast site speeds, fast page loads, regular site updates, fast content responses to trending keywords and regular rapid fire social media type web content.

Dynamic, intelligent, lithe, focused and ongoing content and copy strategy lie at the heart of your successful relationship with Google Caffeine.

If your content is quick off the mark, frequent, original and your site built on a rock solid hosting and web structure then Google Caffeine will love what you're doing and where you're going.

And we all know what happens when Google takes a shine to you.

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