SEO and Google Ranking Tools

Every working person has some kind of toolbox, whether its an actual toolbox – plumber, electrician, carpenter etc or Engineer with his calculator, computer, brains, we all come to work with something we use every day.

Programmers have tools boxes too, the most used tool, one which they carry around with them everywhere is they’re logic, web masters, designers, engineers, analysts, SEO analysts all have some set of software to help them in they’re day to day processing, analytics, development and of course programming.

A SEO analyst has many tools he works with every day, an html editor, php or some other scripting language editor, various browser add-ons, certain websites that offer functionality or services, probably several reference books and of course his logic, experience and intuition, that’s right intuition, he/she can get a feel for something whether it will work or not, or about some technique he’s not used before.

Google provides a great analytics tool for tracking visits, time spent on a site how many pages they viewed, this will also show if they viewed the index page and just left immediately (this is called a bounce). There are also add-ons for browsers the will analyze a page you have landed on, with some quick stats. But one of the most important tools is a distribution program or service, this device will allow you to register with many sites (mostly free) like video sites, social sites, article sites, RSS feeds, podcast sites and many more, this service as we use here at VITAL COMPUTER SERVICES AND CONSULTING will have an area’s for the author bio’s, and of course keywords and keyword phrases.

Another important technique is linking between social sites and social networks, which can also be linked with blogs and video sites, these create great back links, and if you can get people to start following your blogs and tweets and the other follow me networks that helps tremendously, following a few others wont hurt either, this is really what these sites are all about. Nowadays these connections are built in, and with the creation of the Add-on menu bar now available for most browsers, once you have a desired screen, site, article or blog on your screen, just click on a connecting sites icon and a entry is automatically linked and posted to site or service.

Vital Computer Services deploys these techniques and many more, we take full advantage of all the little ways to make connections and with this new technology available you can actually target your approach to how you want to take advantage of these link tools, we have figured out to do this selectively. Based on the market your trying to reach or even create there are ways to set up filters and categories of topics you want to reach out to only.

An important concept to consider is the size of the market your trying to capture, it is always best to start smaller at first, never try to capture a national market at first, go for a city, remember there are many others doing the same things you are, and also try use unique keywords to any given market, keywords that are still able to grab the attention they’re being used for.

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