New Approach For Staying Healthy and Vital

A growing number of patients look to their doctors to help them stay healthy and vital, not just to treat them when something goes wrong. Most are willing to pay privately for preventative treatments and supplements that are not covered by insurance. Each year billions of dollars are spent on Antioxidants, to combat free radical damage.

The damage associated with free radicals, called oxidative stress, has been recognized for years. It is implicated in all chronic diseases so it is not surprising that we have an endless supply of new antioxidant-rich products. But anti-oxidants have their limits; they neutralize free radicals to guard against damage but they don’t repair it. More recent science tells us that free radicals are not all bad. Certain free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) emit a specific energy that is received by sensor proteins whose job it is to initiate oxidative response. This ROS-induced response is essential to all cellular activity because it is responsible for repairing free radical damage. Since the metabolism of oxygen continually creates free radicals (even without the help of toxins, stress and other factors) strong oxidative response is essential to ongoing health.

By leveraging this understanding, an entirely new approach to health and vitality is introduced with the NanoVi Pro™ device, manufactured by Eng3 Corporation. Excitation units inside NanoVi™ devices produce the same emissions as the final phase of the radicals, called ROS-specific signals. This mimics a biological process that triggers the body’s response to oxidative stress. By improving cellular activities, it is possible to address the oxidative stress damage that has already been done, while also protecting against new damage.

The patient inhales moist air from the NanoVi Pro™ device through a nasal cannula. For prevention, sessions are typically 20 minutes, two or three times a week. People addressing one or more chronic diseases often use the device more. There is no danger of overdoing it and no contraindications because this drug-free approach triggers your body’s natural processes rather than overriding them. NanoVi Pro™ devices are used to address a wide range of chronic diseases as well as for better mental and physical performance and for anti-aging. Sessions on the device are beneficial to any patient and an excellent way to support their desire to stay vital and healthy well into old age.

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